The Librarian


Ryan Magoffin

I'm Ryan, and I'm a teacher and coach.  Probably like you, I feel a strong pull in my soul to teach and coach in some capacity.  I feel like it's why I exist on this earth at this time. 

I spent 5 years as a strength and conditioning coach at a division 1 university working primarily with the varsity Olympic sports.  I love basketball, so, thankfully, the basketball strength coaches let me help and learn from them as they trained the university's basketball players. 

After 5 years of long hours and low pay as a strength coach I took a sales job that would provide for my family a bit better.  And it did!  But I soon realized that I had to be coaching or teaching in some capacity or else my spirit would wilt and die, so I immediately started reaching out to local running clubs, high schools, and friends to do seminars on the benefits of weight training for endurance performance in an effort to find people to coach. 

A local high school had me present to their cross country runners and then offered me an assistant coaching position following the presentation.  A month or two later, a friend of mine called and offered me an assistant coaching position for the boys' basketball team at a local high school where he had just been made head coach.  I've always loved basketball and always wanted to coach, so I took that position as well. 

Eventually, I quit the cross country gig, devoted more time to basketball, and after 2 years at the sales job, I pestered the principal at my school so much that they offered me a position to teach a leadership course to the sophomores.  I finally made it back to teaching and coaching full-time and I absolutely love it.

This website is a place for me to organize my thoughts and experiences while coaching.  More often than not, my lessons learned will come from some sort of failure or falling short.  I'm not a great coach, yet.  I have a long ways to go before I'll feel satisfied with my coaching abilities.  So I read, observe, ponder, teach and write in an effort to accelerate the learning process.

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